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To: Milton Keynes Council and English Heritage

There Is A Point To Saving The Point, Central Milton Keynes

Prevent the demolishing of this iconic building and rather invest money renovating it so that it survives. Whilst it may not meet all criterion set by English Heritage currently, The Point should be Grade II Listed - just like the Shopping Centre MK.

Why is this important?

The Point 10 is an iconic building built in Central Milton Keynes. Apart from its interesting architectural design, it was the first of its kind in the UK. Built in 1985, the building, then known as AMC The Point 10 was the first multiplex cinema in the UK. Besides the 10 cinemas, it also housed a gym, a nightclub, a number of restaurants, bars and other entertainment. Its image lit with 4 red lines was used on much of the marketing collateral of Milton Keynes as it evolved and developed through the 80's and 90's and took centre stage across the horizon as you drove past or through this growing city. The Point is an important piece of MK's DNA and its recent history. Please help us to save it by signing this petition.

Milton Keynes, UK

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