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To: Scottish Government.

Think again. No KCal content on all menus.

Think again. No KCal content on all menus.

We want the Scottish government to think again about making it mandatory for all eateries to display KCal of food on menus in Scotland.

Why is this important?

This would impede creativity & the use of seasonal produce within small independent establishments. Increase food waste by not using food in new dishes on the day due to not being able to accurately display the calorific content at short notice. Cost money small businesses simply do not have to ensure all recipes are tested for kcal content. Take up time that small business owners do not have to ensure this info is gained and displayed accurately. It would be detrimental to artisan providers & thus have the opposite effect. Less small establishments to choose from as they close down due to one more thing they have been asked to do that is unmanageable. This is in a time when small business closure is at its highest in recent years. The larger chains would most likely remain-providing more processed & cheaper, lower quality produce to the people of Scotland. We want a diverse high street with independent restaurants to choose from. Scottish Government please think again & don’t kill Scotland’s amazing independent food culture!


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Reasons for signing

  • If you want to calorie count, don't eat out!
  • Impossible for independent eateries supplying just the kind of foods described in ScotGov's Food Tourism Scotland initiative. Many serve healthy food from fresh local sources. They may change their menus daily depending on what is in season and available locally. In addition it should be noted that there is more to a healthy diet than just calories. Low calorie meal could consist of little more than sugar, refined carbohydrates and industrially processed plant oils
  • This should only apply to the unhealthy fast food industry to reinforce calories provided mainly by fat and sugar and very little healthy content.


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