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To: Craven District Council and Sport England

Please Think Again: Don't fell our tree

This campaign has ended.

Please allow more time for alternatives to be explored to felling a healthy 150 year old tree which is on public land, within a Conservation Area in Settle, North Yorkshire.

Why is this important?

"The 150-year-old beech tree, next to the ground of North Ribblesdale Rugby Union Club, on public land within a Conservation area, has been earmarked to go as part of plans to improve drainage of the pitches, which can get heavily waterlogged in winter. Permission for the tree to be cut down was given by Craven District Council planners in June.
But members of ROOTS - Respect Our Old Trees in Settle - have called upon the rugby club to come up with another scheme which would leave the tree intact."

We feel that not enough time has been allowed to look at alternatives to destroying a healthy, mature tree. The tree is part of a beautiful avenue of trees.
We do support improvements to the Rugby Club field beside it but wish to preserve the tree & believe this can be achieved.

Quotes taken from Stuart Thompson's article in the Settle Herald and Pioneer on the 13th September:

Please have a look at this short film made independently by a local person
Settle, North Yorkshire

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