To: Trey Parker & Matt Stone

Third South Park Game

Third South Park Game

What I'd like is enough attention to the idea of a third installment to the New Kids story. Stick of Truth, the Fractured but whole & then finally a third title that follows up on Butters endgame dialogue. Instead of being a good guy maybe be that a warrior of Zaron or a Superhero you join Butters or Captain Chaos in some third idea & are evil instead. Basically that as an idea or just a third game. Just one more. The games are so beloved & there's still so many references that can be made & so much potential. It would just tie it all up nicely.

Why is this important?

The gaming community loves the games, the South Park fans love the games. South Park is such a legendary show & the games capture all of its glory brilliantly. With the two titles there's so much fun to be had & to have a third title to really cap it off just seems so important.

Reasons for signing

  • loved the games