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To: Grant Shapps - Transport Secretary and the UK Government

Thomas Cook’s bosses should pay back their bonuses

Please will you:
- Force the directors of Thomas Cook to return their bonuses
- Use the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 to bar them from future director roles
- Implement the advice in the transport review to stop this from ever happening again

Why is this important?

When travel company Thomas Cook collapsed, thousands of jobs were lost and families were stranded on holiday, desperate to get home. Our taxes ended up paying for the clean-up.

But the bosses in charge at Thomas Cook walked away with millions of pounds in bonuses. It’s not right.

Now the government is considering making them return the money, and stripping them of the right to run companies again. It would be a huge step forward in holding big business to account.

Forcing Thomas Cook’s bosses to pay back their money won’t bring our jobs or holidays back. But it could send a message - you can’t walk away while the public clears up your mess. It could make other bosses think twice before taking risks with our jobs and savings.

By signing the petition, together we can create a wave of public outrage - it could tip the government into cracking down properly on businesses who cause a mess and walk away.


Reasons for signing

  • Criminal behaviour.. why did the shareholders accept this for years? Perhaps this behaviour would stop if shareholders were compelled to bear some of the financial burden of the taxpayers.
  • The same thing happened when Rover went into liquidation too. This extracting of money or assets has to stop.
  • The management need to loose thier houses bought with bonuses to send a message to other fiddling company owners.


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