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To: TikTok

TikTok: Allow the UK to opt out of harmful content!

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash
Allow users within the UK to opt out of receiving personalised content recommendations like those in the EU

Why is this important?

Right now, users on TikTok, have harmful content promoted to them including videos related to self-harm and eating disorders. This is because the technology which decides what videos to show is designed to keep people hooked and people have no say in what they want to see.

The EU has recently cracked down on TikTok, which means users will now be able to opt out from seeing personalised and potentially dangerous content if they wish. But Tiktok has said it has no plans to make the same option available to users in the UK leaving users, including children, across the country at risk of seeing addictive and inappropriate content.

A huge petition to TikTok urging them to flick the switch and turn on this feature in the UK could be enough to convince them to do the right thing.



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