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To: Employers and Governments

Time 2 Pay Key Workers

Time 2 Pay Key Workers

To pay key workers at least an additional £2 per hour.

Why is this important?

While key workers are focused on looking after us, we should be focused on looking after them.

Our key workers have been working tirelessly throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Many of these workers have historically been some of the lowest paid in our society. We want to begin to right that wrong, starting with an additional £2 per hour.

These key workers include NHS workers, carers, frontline council workers, school support staff, nursery workers, retail workers, transport, contact centre and low paid factory workers. And let’s not forget the ‘unseen’ public service workers many of them working from home who are keeping our benefits, tax and other essential systems of government.

They deserve all of our praise AND a raise!



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