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To: Tampax - Procter & Gamble - David S Taylor

Time to stop single-use plastic tampon applicators

Time to stop single-use plastic tampon applicators

Tell Proctor and Gamble who make the main brand of tampons to consider the devastating environmental impact single use plastic applicators have and to stop the unnecessary production of them.

Why is this important?

Tampax worked well using cardboard applicators so there's no need for plastic.

These things are having a massive impact on our coastlines. In their 2016 beach clean-up, the Marine Conservation Society found twenty tampon applicators and sanitary items per 100m of shoreline!

We need Procter and Gamble to take responsibility for the single use plastics they are releasing into the environment and to discontinue the production of plastic applicators.



2018-08-28 14:53:27 +0100

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