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To: Royal Borough of Greenwich Council

To introduce Traffic Calming Measures and Safety along Broad Walk

To introduce Traffic Calming Measures and Safety along Broad Walk

We the undersigned petition the Royal Borough of Greenwich to introduce appropriate traffic calming and speed control measures along Broad Walk and the surrounding roads in Kidbrooke.
There have been two serious traffic accidents on Broad Walk since January 2020 caused by vehicles driving out of control and at high speed. In addition, the road is heavily used as a rat run, resulting in frequent gridlocks and reckless driving, such as mounting the kerb to drive along the grass verge or crashing over speed bumps.

The risk of another incident is heightened by the fact that Broad Walk is already a busy road, running between two large secondary schools and home to the Samuel Montagu youth club (used by many local families) and two rugby clubs.

Why is this important?

We would like the council to urgently introduce effective traffic-calming measures to reduce the risk of another tragic accident and to encourage cycling and walking. For example, by:
• Setting up a width restriction or chicane between Corelli Road and Samuel Montagu youth club to slow drivers and deter large vehicles.
• Replacing current speed bumps (which are hard to see) with something more visible and effective
• Installing 'children crossing' signs, 20mph roundels and vehicle activated speed signs around the Samuel Montagu Youth Centre
• Create passing points between Woolacombe Road and Samuel Montagu youth centre to prevent gridlocks from forming
• Put down a double yellow line between Rochester Way and the new electric charging points and reinstate the bollards by the entrance to Woolacombe Road.

Kidbrooke, London SE3, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Has been awful for a while now, speed bumps don’t help when people charge along in ridiculous 4x4’s
  • The current speed bumps do nothing to slow down traffic rat running to offset traffic lights at Shooters Hill/Well Hall Road junction. The vast amount of traffic using Broad Walk makes it very difficult for us house owners to move our cars from the drive onto the road.
  • Volume of traffic and parking for station has increased dramatically often making visibility pulling off drives dangerous due to excess vans and cars using broad walk as the local car park .


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