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To: Poundland

To keep Poundland in Alloa

To keep Poundland in Alloa

We want them to stay in Alloa and move to other premises

Why is this important?

There are fewer and fewer 'shops' in Alloa that add value to the town, Poundland stocks everything you need at obviously, a low cost, items you can get at last minute without having to order on line or pay triple for in other shops, poundworld went last year and for poundland to close too would be tragic for the town not to mention the staff that work in Poundland, i would like it to stay, as I'm sure many others would too.


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Reasons for signing

  • Provided a vital shopping outlet in an otherwise dying town centre. What we don’t need is another pub complete with the anti-social aspects that brings.
  • A one stop shop where I can get all my cleaning products, etc. at a great price. Visit every time I am in Alloa.
  • great loss to a small county, where there is little jobs as it is.


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