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To: Councillor Reuben Thompstone, Chairman, Community Leadership & Libraries Sub-Committee, London Borough of Barnet

List College Farm, Finchley, London on the Community Asset Register

List College Farm, Finchley, London on the Community Asset Register

Accept the nomination of College Farm, Fitzalan Road, Finchley, N3 3PG as an Asset of Community Value.

Why is this important?

College Farm in Finchley, North London is one of the very few genuine farms in the capital. It was established over 150 years ago by the Express Dairy and many of the original buildings still exist. Three are listed by Historic England as being buildings of great historical or artistic value and have official protection to prevent them from being changed or destroyed.

Many adults in North London will have fond memories of visiting the farm as a child with their parents or school. In recent years the farm has not been open to the public, and a group of concerned residents from Finchley are worried that the farm might one day be sold and lost to the community forever.

Listing the farm as an Asset of Community Value will give the community the chance to bid for the farm should it ever come on to the market. A decision will be made on March 7th so we need the help of as many people as we can find to convince the Council that this is a worthy campaign.

North London

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Reasons for signing

  • Loved watching the cattle from the top of the bus on the way home.
  • A part of Finchley
  • So many happy memories of taking my young son there. I would hate for future generations to miss out on the joy of a visit.


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