To: Durham County Council and the Department of Transport



Helen Goodman, MP, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, is calling for Durham County Council and the Department of Transport to build a bypass at Toft Hill to stop HGVs going through the village

Why is this important?

The A68 that runs through Toft Hill is unsuitable for the volume of traffic and the type of vehicle using the road. There is a primary school on the road and there are issues of both traffic congestion and pollution. There have also been several serious road traffic accidents on the road.

Toft Hill, Bishop Auckland


Reasons for signing

  • The road is too busy in my village.
  • The volume of traffic is horrendous. Vibrations shake buildings and have caused cracks in walls and the noise is terrible especially off the wagons. Also the speed of the traffic very dangerous.
  • This is a very busy stretch of the A68. There is a large number of huge lorries etc passing the primary school. It's very dangerous for schoolchildren and locals.


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