To: Transport Department

Toll free Mersey Gateway

Toll free Mersey Gateway

Scrap the toll charge to cross the new Mersey crossing between Widnes and Runcorn

Why is this important?

This is going to cost the every day working man/woman £90 a month to cross the new crossing just to get to work or visit family and friends. It's not a crossing more a boarder wall for many.



Reasons for signing

  • When the Mersey Gateway toll rates were first set several years ago; it was claimed that allowing for inflation by the time the new bridge opened; the tolls would on a par with those for the Mersey Tunnels. However; now the bridge has opened; the reality is that the tolls are considerably more expensive than the Mersey tunnel tolls. This bridge is a necessity - but it is priced as an expensive luxury!
  • I signed because it will destroy businesses, which is happening already, and because their is no toll-free alternative for people who need to cross the Mersey to work. Registration will cost them over £1000 p.a., which is not good if you are a teacher, a care worker, a nurse of similar.
  • Closing old bridge for 'repairs' is just sharp practice. A 40 quid fine if toll not paid in 24 hours is simply legalised theft!


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