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To: Cambridge and Peterborough Integrated Care Board

Toothless in Huntingdon - An NHS Dentist For Everyone!

We implore the Cambridge and Peterborough ICB to address the ongoing issue of NHS dentistry with the utmost urgency and reinstate local NHS dentistry provision in Huntingdonshire. In the short term, we are also calling for temporary funding for a mobile dental unit to serve those in desperate need of dental treatment.

Why is this important?

Communities across Huntingdonshire are suffering from NHS dentist closures and the widespread lack of accessible NHS dentistry provision. Toothless in Huntingdon was founded in the wake of multiple local dentistry closures to hear testimony from patients and to urge authorities to take action.

As health inequality continues to rise, patients are being put at considerable inconvenience and distress. The physical and mental pain suffered by those who are unable to find an NHS dentist local to them has all too often been matched by the financial hardships of being forced to 'go private' as practices are not taking on NHS patients.

From the 1st April 2023, Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) took on the commissioning of NHS dentistry from NHS England. We note that to date, since the Cambridge and Peterborough ICB was formed, the issue of access to NHS dentistry has not appeared on board meeting agendas.

Toothless in Huntingdon are calling for:

1. An NHS dentist for everyone

2. Reforms to the NHS dental contract that will encourage dentists to provide NHS treatments

3. Revenue to cover the 50% of the population that are unfunded by the government

4. NHS dental treatments to be free at the point of use

5. People to be prioritised before shareholder dividend - no more privatisation

6. An end to the two-tier system - hygienists, routine check-ups and preventative treatments must be a core NHS function

The NHS was founded as a free-to-all service back in 1948. We pay for it, in part, via national insurance and taxation, yet our NHS dentists continue to disappear.

We want them back!

No society can legitimately call itself civilised if a sick person is denied medical care because of a lack of means or availability.

How it will be delivered

In person to the Cambridge and Peterborough ICB offices in Ely.

Huntingdonshire District, UK

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