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To: Home Secretary - Priti Patel

Stop anti-abortion protesters from harassing and intimidating women

Introduce buffer zones outside all abortion clinics in the UK to stop anti-abortion protesters from harassing and intimidating women

Why is this important?

It’s hard to imagine just how traumatising walking through an anti-abortion picket must be. Women have holy water thrown on them, leaflets on drug addiction stuffed into their hands and are followed by shouts of “mummy, mummy don’t kill me”. That's not peaceful protest, that's intimidation.

Right now, Britain is being increasingly influenced by US-style tactics, where women are harassed and intimidated as they enter clinics.

It’s time for the government to make sure that women making the private decision to visit a family planning clinic are treated with dignity and respect, not bullying and abuse.


Reasons for signing

  • No one should have the right to tell someone else what they should do with their own body.
  • I signed because we now know that BABIES WANT TO BE WANTED above all else. If a foetus is not wanted by either parent, nobody must force it to be born, for that damages it for life, a cruel fate. Putting an unwanted child up for adoption is a last resort, not the default solution. Anti-abortionists should put the future baby's needs before their own opinions.
  • Making such a choice can be hard enough without judgmental bigots making women’s choices even more difficult.


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