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To: Torphichen Residents

Torphichen Community Centre - Risk of Closure

Keep Torphichen's Community Centre open.

Why is this important?

We understand that West Lothian Council is currently undertaking a mapping exercise to understand how community centres are utilised by community groups. The likely outcome of this exercise will be the closure of Torphichen Community Centre at some point between 2025 and 2028. This would be travesty for our village where we rely on this community space and it is currently fully utilised. We need to try and stop this erosion of our community facilities by the Council and ensure that Torphichen Community Centre remains open for future generations.

This is an essential facility for our village community. It is used by Torphichen Primary School for their assembly and sports activities. It is home to our After School Club, Jumping Beans, Torphichen Gala Day events, Beecraigs Archers, Zumba with Rachel and Pilates. Without this facility, there will be no-where else in the village for these activities to take place. This would be a blow for our community so please sign this petition to support the fight in attempting to keep our Community Centre open.

Bowyett, Torphichen, Bathgate EH48 4LZ, UK

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