To: Nottinghamshire County Council

Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming

Install road markings to set out the speed limit, install flashing interactive speed signs, close access to Grives Lane that makes the road a rat run, consider a 20 mph speed limit from The bend to the top of Lindley's Lane.

Why is this important?

Speeding on Lindley's Lane is of a very high level and will result in injury or death.

Lindley's Lane, Kirkby in Ashfield


Reasons for signing

  • Its dangerous and will cause deaths.
  • I have signed this as I regularly walk along Lyndleys lane I see so many near misses between vehicles. Mostly as they do not stop or even slow down at the cross over points. Also as a dog walker it is scary how many people do not slow down as they are passing you even though we stop and step to the side. There will be a serious incident soon I am sure.
  • I have signed this petition because people are using this road as a race track and a cut through to avoid Kirby town centre. It is not safe for anyone that may be crossing the road any time of the day.


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