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Traffic calming measures on Battersea Park road

Traffic calming measures on Battersea Park road

The residents of Battersea Park road want traffic calming measures put on the road - especially on the stretch outside Tesco Metro/100 Battersea Park Road due to the number of major accidents and the risk to residents who cross the road on a daily basis.

Why is this important?

There have been a number of major accidents including fatalities on Battersea Park - in particular outside Tesco metro where there are two bus stops and the road splits. It's only a matter of time before a local resident is hurt or killed by reckless drivers who speed, overtake, undertake on that stretch of road.

Accidents in the last year alone include:
- a serious motorcycle collision injuring two people
- a motorcycle incident killing the rider
- a car flipping over

Battersea Park Road

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