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To: West Sussex County Council

Traffic calming/pedestrian safety on the Worsted estate of East Grinstead

Perform an up to date survey of traffic information on the Worsted estate of East Grinstead (primarily Woodbury Avenue, Harman’s Drive, Estcots Drive) with the expectation of introducing traffic calming measures to slow vehicles and regulate traffic flow. Also considering the large presence of children, schools and parks, we request that the council look into the introduction of safer road crossing measures at key locations where pedestrian safety is currently compromised.
The final outcome is flexible but discussion with residents is essential until an agreed solution can be implemented.
This petition is to be used to help support the implementation of a Community Highways Scheme with West Sussex County Council.

Why is this important?

A traffic survey was apparently performed on Woodbury Avenue in 2011 with an average speed recorded of 29.7mph, so the council refused to do anything stating that it was clearly within parameters. Whilst most people drive below the limit, local residents are witnessing more and more drivers that appear to use the roads as race tracks. With family Halloween and Christmas events held by the Residents of Farm Close becoming ever popular, vehicle traffic increases for a number of weeks and children are required to cross the road at night, often between parked cars.
‘The Glades’ has a play park that can only be accessed by crossing Woodbury Avenue at a risky location directly adjacent to a blind bend. It is not uncommon to hear vehicles braking heavily.
East Court is another attraction that requires roads to be crossed to access and yet there isn’t a single recognised crossing point that could be identified as 100% safe for pedestrians.
With two schools located close together, the whole estate has suffered with huge surges of traffic for decades and so it’s about time something was done to alleviate some of the safety concerns.
East Grinstead

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