To: Southend Borough Council - Parking Department

Traffic Warden Patrol at peak times in Pavilion Drive for the safety of Darlinghurst Academy pupils

We require a Traffic Warden Patrol Monday-Friday on Pavilion Drive, Leigh on Sea between the junctions of Manchester Drive & Glenberview Drive for the safety of Darlinghurst Academy pupils. I recommend the patrols be between the hours of 08:20-08:50am & 15:15-15:45pm.

Why is this important?

Currently members of the public are parking illegally on the Yellow Keep Clear school road markings and the double yellow lines directly outside of Darlinghurst Academy and either side of the school. This also includes resident driveways. Through this inconsiderate parking it is causing a danger to all school children/Parents/carers who are trying to cross the road safely.

How it will be delivered

I have been requested by Southend Borough Council to send them via a printed copy of this petition in the post.

Pavilion Drive, Leigh on Sea Essex

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Reasons for signing

  • Safety of children
  • Making a safer environment for the children.
  • To increase the safety of children attending Darlinghurst Academy.


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