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To: Uk Goverment

Transfer Fossil Fuel subsidies onto solution(s)

An immediate transfer of the £10.5 Billion p/a fossil fuel subsidies into a fund to pay for the country wide roll out of Photo Bio Reactors( PBR) to produce Carbon Negative Algea Bio Fuel. Also 50% of the subsidies to fund Micro and Regional Wave/Tidal energy!.

Why is this important?

This is important to help level the economic playing field, the fossils fuel industry has had hundreds of £billions of subsidies over the decades. Now to reverse the damage to the climate and Bio diversity and people’s health, we need put those fossil fuel subsidies onto the solutions. If PBR was placed in every locality it would create millions of local Green jobs, and keep the fuel money in our communities and regional economies as apposed to being sucked out by a big Oil company!.

United Kingdom House, London

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