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To: People who live in Manchester (and visit/commute!), especially families in Ancoats and those who attend the local primary school.

Trees not Cars - a new park in Manchester!

We need Manchester city council to turn the council owned land of the former Central Retail Park in Ancoats (on Great Ancoats Street, right next to a Primary School) into a park. Half (5 acres) has been sold for government buildings. We still have a chance for the remaining space. 

Manchester City Council want some green space but we need a park that provides real space for families, people to hang out and to reduce the pollution on Great Ancoats Street, with trees building a barrier to the primary school kids playing outside.

Why is this important?

Our last petition was spring boarded our campaign and helped us stop Manchester City Council when they wanted to turn the car park into a temporary car park. 

We are now making progress on the idea of a park, plans for the site as a response to our campaign had been to fully pave over the lot! 

Now we need a fresh push to show the council that after 5 years, local people and visitors still need a park on that site.

In addition:

  • New Islington Green is now being replaced with offices, locals have lost 3 acres of green space.

  • Cotton Fields (not publicly owned) and Cutting Square are absolutely packed on nice days. The area desperately needs a safe place for people to enjoy the sun and for children to learn to ride their bikes away from the canal and cars.

  • Local people need green space for exercise, mental well-being and cleaner air. The GP office behind see the damage the pollution is doing to people.

Ancoats, Manchester M4, UK

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