To: Tula Heyes

Tula to bring back Queen's Park Cafe!!

Tula to bring back Queen's Park Cafe!!

Tula Heyes used to run a family friendly, affordable cafe in the heart of Queens Park. I am petitioning to get her back in there to do the same thing again! We need a community run, happy cafe as she is the woman to do this!! This would be an Old fashioned cafe. Sandwiches, soups, pasta, cakes and hot dogs! Coffee mornings. Poetry mornings. Board games. Local hub. Locals not out-priced. Affordable for all. You My Aunty Tula is disabled and has a great job but if she would consider doing it, I am sure her daughter would be happy running it and do all the cooking! This would be a family run business for families.

Why is this important?

The cafe lost its community feel, the prices were extortionate and it felt unfriendly. We NEED to have a place once again the locals can gather around and meet up on an afternoon with the kids. Somewhere ALL people from the community feel welcome and can enjoy. When Tula ran the cafe we had this kind of place, I spent my childhood there and would love for my children to spend theirs there also and the elderly would be welcomed to have a cup of tea!

How it will be delivered

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Queen's Park, London

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Reasons for signing

  • That cafe is an essential part of that community. I spent a lot of time there when I lived in Kilburn. In fact, it should be a listed building and have a blue plaque!!!
  • We need a healthy affordable cafe for the whole community
  • I love going to the Park with my Grandchildren when we are visiting them - it's great to be able to treat them to something from the cafĂ©


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