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To: The people of Birkdale to show their support for this project.

Turn the Blundell Arms into a community pub

Allow the Upper Aughton Road community to run the Blundell Arms for the benefit of the community.

If you think this is about re-opening a pub that holds fond memories for many then you're wrong. It's about our community.

The area around the site of the pub is already in decline through lack of investment and the sprucing up of Birkdale Village. Not that we don't love Birkdale Village.

I'm not talking about just reopening a pub. I want it to be a community pub.

Most pubs don't make any money before 4pm.

That place is massive. You can have a library, bingo for the old people, mother and baby club, a post office, a community garden, a food bank and a place for everyone and then it can be a pub at nights and weekends. A soft play is a must.

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Why is this important?

The area around the Blundell provides a focus for the community.

With the pub now closed and boarded off due to vandalism, the scout hut and Air Training Corp are both vulnerable to the increased vandalism the Winter will bring. The takeaway and shop become unsafe in the evening especially during Winter months due to increased youth disorder.

Bring back the Dell.

How it will be delivered

The purpose of the petition is to try to gauge support from local people for re-opening the Blundell Arms as a focal point for everyone in our community.

If anyone wants to be involved at any stage then get in touch with me and I'll include you in the plans.


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