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To: Uefa (Union of European Football Associations)

Clamp down on racism in football

The current measures being used to stop racism in football are not working.

We demand that UEFA start taking the issue of racism seriously and issue much tougher penalties in order to stop racism in football. Consider measures such as deducting points and expelling teams from tournaments.

Why is this important?

As last night's Bulgaria vs England football match showed, racism in the sport is still rife in Europe. People were captured on TV making monkey chants and Nazi salutes towards black players. The racist abuse was so bad that the game had to be stopped twice in the opening 40 minutes.

The current Uefa penalties are completely unacceptable and do not deter racists.

Issuing financial fines, anti racism posters and partly closing stadiums simply does not work. It's time Uefa got tough.


Reasons for signing

  • We expect English players to give their very best for the team. The least we can do as supporters is do our very best to support them against rasism.
  • Disgusting behaviour black white yellow or green we are all the same.makes me so angry
  • Racism is unacceptable and I’m tired of it.


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