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UK Gov should protect its citizens from large company shyster practices

UK Gov should protect its citizens from large company shyster practices

UK government to make Argos, Hermes and other companies responsible for the financial loss incurred by their customers because they promote hyperlinks to websites that claim to give discounts for subsequent purchases, but do not disclose that those companies will use your bank account details to take money every month from your bank account without the customer giving their informed consent.
If these companies invite you to follow a link on their website which will use your personal and financial information they should be held financially responsible if the customer is not made aware that they are entering an agreement for money to be taken from their bank account.

Why is this important?

Because UK citizens are being duped by some unscrupulous big companies that offer discounts for subsequent purchases without disclosing to their customers the consequences of accepting the discount.

For example Hermes will offer a discount to welcome you as a new customer but they do not say that if you apply for the discount you will have to give your bank details to a third party who will take £15 from your account each month and make you a member of a club which claims to give you discounts or money back for other card purchasers.

Many people claim to have no knowledge of signing up to a club and do not realise that every month money has been taken out of their account and when they do it is not always easy to cancel.

Make our elected MPs stamp out these practices and ensure that companies make it clear to their customers the consequences of customers accepting any offer.

There are many stories on the internet about people losing money which you only search for when you have fallen for the same trick.


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