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To: Claire Murdoch - NHS England’s National Mental Health Director

UK Mental Health Emergency - Stop the Epidemic within the Pandemic

UK Mental Health Emergency - Stop the Epidemic within the Pandemic

What do we want?

We demand an end to the epidemic within the pandemic.

Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic as it stands is unavoidable.

An absolutely avoidable epidemic, exacerbated by Covid-19 but not caused by it, are mental health services that are failing those in distress.

We demand genuinely world-class mental health services.

Not goals, not investigations, not reports, not clever spin, not misleading stats, not suggestions that we don't have a magic-money-tree.

The radical changes made in the UK during this time of Covid-19 have proven that with relentless & focused efforts, huge change to support our wellbeing is possible in a relatively short period of time.

So let's use our resources to deliver real, tangible, demonstrable action that immediately corrects the current trajectory of more unnecessary human distress & back on to the path to achieve world-class mental health services.

Why is this important?

Despite popular belief, mental health issues don't just impact 1 in 4.

Mental health distress affects 1 in 1, either directly or indirectly.

We all have to consider our mental wellbeing. If we are fortunate enough never to need professional help for our mental health, nearly all of us know at least 1 person that does need support.

With current world events & inequalities in the UK ever widening, you'd have to be 'mad' to be 'sane' some might argue. So having world-class mental health services will help all of us in the UK, not just a perceived 'unwell' minority.

Spending money today on early intervention is much, much cheaper than dealing with the consequences of neglect tomorrow.

Most people that have ever used mental health services or those that provide these services, knows the system is failing many people & has been since services began.

For decades those with the power & responsibility to improve mental health services have proven unwilling or unable to make the radical changes that need to happen.

People are suffering unnecessary distress.

People are dying avoidable deaths.

This is the epidemic within the pandemic.

We are not anti-the-professional or the politicians or any of the decision makers. We are not anti-anything. We are simply pro-human. We want to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Even better than just signing this petition would be to also email us with your experiences of mental health services in the UK. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Having acknowledged what isn't being done, our hope is to keep this movement with a focus on what could be done. Rather than create a laundry list of resentments we hope to highlight positive potential & creative ideas for mental health services.

Less about problems, more about solutions.

So if you could also include ideas for how to improve mental health services that would be brilliant.

The email address to use is:

[email protected]

A website is under construction & it is our hope to publish your emails on this site anonymously (unless you don't want us to) to help us all to fully understand the challenges and use our collective wisdom for how we might improve our mental health services across our nation.

We will not stop our efforts until we genuinely actualise world-class mental health for everyone in the UK.

Please forward this petition to as many friends & family & colleagues as you can. Via email & all your social media accounts. We understand that most of us are 'time-poor' but spending just a few minutes forwarding this petition has the potential to start a mental health revolution in the UK.

Please sign this petition now & join this movement to stop the epidemic within the pandemic.

It is time for change.

It is time for action.

Please show your support now.

How it will be delivered

I will deliver the signatures in person.

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