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To: All MPs

UK Parliament to return from summer recess

UK Parliament to return from summer recess

MPs to return to Westminster as soon as possible in order to urgently discuss alternatives to a no deal Brexit, which would be extremely undesirable.

Why is this important?

The country is facing a crisis. It would seem that the current Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is intent on forcing through a no deal Brexit which would be disastrous in a number of ways, including:

· Serious damage to both the UK economy and to that of our European neighbours.

· The potential loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

· The potential shortages of medicines with the potential for people to die.

· Potentially hundreds of businesses folding.

· Adverse environmental consequences including increased carbon emissions from people increasing trade with non EU countries (in general, much further away). It is clearly much more sensible and environmentally efficient to trade with our near neighbours. Given that we are facing a climate crisis this is particularly important.

· Further uncertainty and anxiety for both EU nationals living in the UK and UK nationals living in EU countries.

· Subsequent to a no deal, all areas of our relationship with the EU would have to be worked through at a micro rather than a macro level, creating a massive amount of work for both the UK and our European partners.

One of the factors potentially making no deal more likely would seem to be the lack of parliamentary time available between now and 31st October. Given the urgency of the situation, I believe that Parliament should be recalled as soon as possible to allow sufficient time for MPs to discuss and agree alternative options. No deal has the potential to be disastrous for the country so every effort needs to be made to avoid this.



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