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To: The UK Government

Stand up for Human Rights in Hong Kong

The United Kingdom should show its commitment to human rights in Hong Kong by including a human rights clause in any future trade agreement.

Why is this important?

Human rights and fundamental freedoms are under attack in Hong Kong. In recent years, booksellers have been abducted, pro-democracy candidates disqualified and barred from standing for election, protestors imprisoned, and the free press undermined. A government proposal that will allow Hong Kong people to be extradited to face unjust trials in mainland China was the last straw. This June, millions took to the streets to say that enough is enough.

In 1984, the United Kingdom signed a treaty with China that promised after the handover, Hong Kong people's rights and freedoms will remain unchanged until 2047. But China has broken this promise repeatedly with escalating attacks on Hongkongers' human rights. Recent events are a wake-up call.

The British government has a responsibility under international law to protect human rights in Hong Kong. They must show this commitment post-Brexit, by insisting that a human rights clause is included in a future free trade agreement. This will be the first time the UK has ever negotiated a free trade agreement with Hong Kong: it must take a stand to protect human rights, fundamental freedoms and our shared values.



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