To: Theresa May P.M.

UK to commence airdrops of food and medicines to Aleppo

UK to commence airdrops of food and medicines to  Aleppo

Theresa May should authorise the RAF to start air drops of food and medical supplies immediately in the besieged areas of Syria. Across all parties, a growing number of MPs are pressing for this; let us add our voices to theirs.

Why is this important?

The plight of people of Syria in Aleppo is unutterably desperate. Knowing how to intervene to bring the conflict to an end is not clear, but for us to stand passively by and watch hundreds of thousands of children and civilian adults die the slowest, cruellest deaths because of lack of water, food and medicines is shameful. At last our Parliament is speaking out. Please put pressure on our Prime Minister and her government to act immediately.


Reasons for signing

  • We must feed these poor souls it is their Human Right!! These poor Syrians did not asked to be bombed, slaughtered and made homeless ! We must Unite together and help these people !
  • This awful conflict must end. But we must not accept starvation and suffering in the hope that they will help it end sooner. Essential supplies are essential for anyone.
  • The people in Aleppo are going through such a terrible time with the fighting and bombing, so please at least airdrop food to them to help. They are human beings.


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