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To: Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice The Right Hon David Gauke MP

UK victims of terror let down by Government

UK victims of terror let down by Government

This petition calls for British citizens who become victims of terrorist atrocities such as the London Bridge attacks of 2017, as well as their families, to be entitled to state-funded legal representation in court proceedings in the same way that state bodies already are.

Why is this important?

Uppermost among the terrifying sensations for a victim of terrorist attack must be the sudden loss of personal control and equally sudden complete vulnerability. How appalling that these are the very feelings with which many victims and certainly their families have to confront when subsequently they need financial support for inquests and court proceedings. There is no governmental provision for them in these situations.
Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd has already drawn attention to this situation both inside and outside the House of Commons. He has sponsored an Early Day Motion for Parliamentary attention (link below) He writes :

“British citizens who are victims of terrorist atrocities must receive, as a default, the same legal support the state bodies do.
“French citizens, for example, if caught up in terrorist attacks, they – and their families – are automatically entitled to state-funded legal representation in court proceedings.
“Frankly, the MOJ’s approach to the matter is an insult to all those who have lost loved ones in tragedies such as these. It begs the question; do the French authorities care more about their citizens than we do ours?” [11 June 2019]

Stephen Lloyd's Early Day Motion at :


Reasons for signing

  • Should victims, relatives and families in the throes of grief be forced to scrabble around for funds. Is it not simple humanity to ensure their needs are met fully at this terrible time for them.


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