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Ultrasound or MRI breast screening for pre menopausal women

Ultrasound or MRI breast screening for pre menopausal women

Change breast cancer screening from mammograms to either ultrasounds or Quick breast MRI scans for pre menopausal women or those with dense breast tissue.

Why is this important?

Mammograms often do not pick up breast cancer for woman who are pre menopausal or have dense breast tissue. In fact according to the NCI (National Cancer Institute), at the time of screening, mammograms miss up to 20% of cancers which are already present in the patient.

This could lead to deadly consequences for many women.

Help make breast cancer screening more effective and save lives.


Reasons for signing

  • Cancer is a silent killer, and nobody deserves that! <3.
  • Because Shereena is amazing. Cancer detection should be so much better-My wonderful, poor dad passed away due to being turned away for months until it was too late.
  • To raise awareness about breast cancer and can happen to anyone of any age


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