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To: Lincolnshire County Council Executive Committee

UNISON says Keep Jobs and Services Public

UNISON says Keep Jobs and Services Public

Bring all services covered in the Serco contract back in-house to be directly provided for by Lincolnshire County Council staff.

Why is this important?

Potentially, hundreds of Lincolnshire jobs are under threat. Services already out-sourced have meant jobs lost locally. LCC now proposes to transfer further roles to a Shared Services venture based in Herefordshire. UNISON also fears that up to 400 jobs at Serco in Lincolnshire may be at risk if that contract ends. Council job cuts would come at a time of jobs being lost elsewhere in our local economy (eg BHS gone and House of Fraser at risk).
Lincolnshire UNISON are campaigning to ensure that YOUR County Council invest tax payers money to retain public jobs and skills by investing in our local economy. UNISON calls on the County Council to provide quality services to the people of Lincolnshire by bringing services in-house, rather than axe public jobs and force staff in to the unemployment queue. The recent collapse of Carillion shows the dangers of outsourcing public services to the private sector. These services should now be provided directly by Lincolnshire County Council.

Linconshire UK

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