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To: BBC Studios and BMG

United Kingdolls to represent UK at Eurovision 2021

Choose The United Kingdolls as the UK's entry for Eurovision 2021

Why is this important?

The United Kingdolls wowed the nation with their recent performance of the hit song 'UK Hun?' on RuPaul's RuRuVision Song Contest. With Eurovision 2021 fast approaching, an entrant must be selected to represent the nation and it has to be The United Kingdolls - the best chance for the UK's first Eurovision win since 1997.

Choose the United Kingdolls as this year's entry with 'UK Hun?' and give some hope to the people of this country at a time when we need it more than ever.

In 1969 the UK won the Eurovision song contest with Lulu's 'Boom Bang-a-Bang'. Now it's time for Bing Bang Bong.


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