To: The Government (NHS)

United wee stand

United wee stand

Put incontinence liners back on prescription. They used to be, but were removed under new money saving guidelines.

Why is this important?

After 3 major Abdominal Operations, my last being 10 hours long at Liverpool Women's i lost part of my bowel ending in a permenant Ostomy (A Colostomy)... because my bowel and bladder had fused to my stomach wall, again. This last happened in 2013... my bladder was handled too much and as a result not only am i incontinent due to Stoma, but i do not have full bladder control. I have worked long hours all my life and paid my taxes. I was horrified to find when i first asked that you have to purchase incontinence liners from a pharmacy. This is outrageous as i am now declared unfit to work, and am on much reduced income. These items are also expensive. When so much on prescription is prescribed to people who self inflict harm on themselves through smoking, alcohol and drug misuse and obesity... they get items on prescription... yet people who are incontinent through no fault of their own do not. It is stressful enough having a stoma to be bladder incontinent as well. I am shouting for every incontinent person. What about the elderly on pensions too. Most unfair!


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