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To: Rushanara Ali MP

Urgent Need for CCTV in Bethnal Green

We approach you as business owners & residents of Columbia Road, Hackney Road, Redchurch Street & the general Bethnal Green area. We would like to express our concerns and fears regarding the increasing number of crimes that have been committed against us in the past 6 months.

Our businesses have been victims of an upsurge in crimes including theft, scammers, robbery, burglary, damage to property and destruction of shop fronts & hammer attacks on windows.

Tower Hamlets ranks as the 8th worst crime borough in London out of 32 boroughs, with only 350 CCTV cameras, compared to our neighbouring borough Hackney who have 2044 cameras.

We see criminal activity day in day out, when something happens we look to our own cameras trying to figure it all out. Ion Square Gardens for example a park renowned for open drug dealing and all kinds of criminal activity doesn't have one camera.

Columbia Road, one of the busiest London markets only has 2 cameras, we see so many criminals using that road as a route throughout the night.

Hackney Road is extremely busy, with so many of us affected by crime constantly on a daily basis.

There are only 4 working cameras on Hackney Road, Columbia & Warner Place in total, all a hub of criminal activity day and night. We need more, we need your help to get more CCTV in the area.

We feel helpless and vulnerable in the face of further crimes.

Thank you.

Why is this important?

So so many of us have been affected, local businesses that all mean so much to the community who work hard and strive to keep our businesses going during these hard times. We are now facing the extra hardship of these crimes that are happening to us. They have had an upsetting emotional & monetary affect on all of us, we feel scared, vulnerable and exposed.

We feel pretty helpless and whilst we are in other ways tackling the fact we need more than just CCTV to prevent/fight these crimes, this petition focusses on CCTV.

Thank you for your support!

London Borough of Tower Hamlets, UK

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