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Urgent! Please stop Yvies full time carer and friend from being deported.

Urgent! Please stop Yvies full time carer and friend from being deported.

Yvie is a uk citizen who 10 years ago had a massive brain bleed, leaving her with no movement, no speech and tube fed. She has 2 full time live in carers who look after her 24/7.
For the last 8.5 years her special carer Pewie Moyo has been by her side forming very a close bond, they are totally attached and committed to each other.
The home office have decided, as Pewie is from Zimbabwe, to refuse to renew her work permit, telling her she must return to an unsafe country and leave Yvie without her friend and most consistent carer. The risks to both Pewie and Yvie are as follows:

Why is this important?

Risks to Yvie - Yvie has a severe head injury with epileptic seizures and muscle spasms, her lack of speech means she cannot communicate her distress verbally, she uses her eyes to blink and shows emotion to communicate. This causes her immense stress which in turn causes the seizures. Her attachment to Pewie has enabled Yvie to have a quality of life as she trusts and is understood totally by Pewie, no other carer has this understanding of Yvie's needs. Over the time Pewie has been Yvies carer they have built up a strong bond and Yvie regards her as family. Yvie has been distraught on learning Pewie is being deported, she sobs uncontrollably and has been having unsettled nights, this is impacting badly on Yvie's health, and we are all concerned about how vulnerable Yvie's health is becoming with this added stress, as there is a potential for it to end Yvie's life, medical evidence supports these concerns, particularly as Yvie and the family will not be able to know how Pewie is once she returns due to the lack of communications Pewie will be able to have.
Risks to Pewie - Her separation anxiety from Yvie and the family as she has lived with us for so long. Under article 8 this breaches her and Yvie's human rights.To have to return to Zimbabwe as a single woman after having the freedom and safety of living in the uk. The home office has published warning to travelers to Zimbabwe of widespread disruption and violent protests on the streets with no access to banks, media and communications. High risk of rape and disease such as cholera and typhoid. Pewie is also part of a tribe that opposes the current regime.


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