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Great News!

Dear Supporters

Just to inform you that several flights have now landed with hundreds of travellers and our daughter is back home.

Thank you to all who signed and shared this petition, to the MPs who pushed for this to happen, to the staff at the Foreign Office and the Peruvian authorities, to Zoe and Caspar whose daughter was travelling with our daughter and were tremendous in their support and help. It is a huge relief to us and I'm sure, all other families and friends.

Thank you to 38 degrees for helping and empowering people like us in difficult situations.

We are aware that there might still be people in Peru who have not been able to get on the flights. It's important for them to contact the British Embassy, to via help@fco

Best wishes


I would like Mr Raab to help organise repatriation flights for British citizens stranded in Peru. He must intervene to help bring home British Nationals who are currently stranded in Peru.

As you will know the country is in a State of Emergency and all borders have been shut. Many British Nationals including our 19 year old daughter are stranded in the country and in urgent need of repatriation flights back to the UK.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of British citizens are stranded in Peru. Other countries have organized repatriation flights to bring them home. One flight so far has been sent to Lima to bring a group of people back to the UK. There are still very large numbers of people left in the lurch who have had little or no information from the Foreign Office about what is being done. Many tourists have been cramped into rooms in hostels in desperately difficult conditions and some are running out of vital supplies

Furthermore many tourists are scattered throughout the country and there is a curfew. Mr Raab needs to organise for British nationals to have special dispensation for a period of time to travel to an international airport.



2020-04-01 08:49:24 +0100

Petition is successful with 47,064 signatures

2020-03-30 14:09:43 +0100

Thank you to all supporters of this campaign and all people involved in bringing back stranded travellers!!!

2020-03-26 13:07:36 +0000

It has been reported that one flight has been sent to Lima to return some 400 people to the UK BUT HUNDREDS ARE STILL STRANDED.

2020-03-25 20:01:05 +0000

This is a timeline of events

2020-03-24 13:53:20 +0000

If you have a relative stranded in Peru who wants to be repatriated, it is important to register at the following email address [email protected]
and give the following details
· Full name (matching your passport) 

· Confirmation that each passenger (and any dependants) have a valid passport with them 

· Passport information
o Nationality
o Passport number
o Date of birth
o Expiry date
o Place of issue
o Gender
o Country of residence
· Passenger/group contact number
· Passenger/group location
· Passenger/group email address

2020-03-22 18:19:46 +0000

Hi to all signatories. We have been contacted by a family whose son is stuck in guatemala and in a similar situation to our loved ones in Peru. Please help by signing this petition:

2020-03-21 14:11:43 +0000

20,000 signatures reached

2020-03-20 22:58:24 +0000

10,000 signatures reached

2020-03-20 18:57:50 +0000

5,000 signatures reached

2020-03-20 16:10:45 +0000

Thank you all for signing. The lockdown in Peru has now been in place 5 days and conditions have become harsher and now include a strict curfew. Just to reiterate, no movement is allowed within Peru itself and all flights in or out of the country have stopped. UK citizens are totally stuck, some in very difficult conditions. The UK government needs to organise flights to repatriate its stranded citizens as soon as possible. This is a matter of urgency in this time of global crisis.

2020-03-20 12:23:42 +0000

To all those who have signed, a huge thank you.
If you could send an email to your local MP it would be great.
I want to emphasize that we are not asking for a free ticket to get our daughter back. We know there are lots of financial priorities the government has. We are only asking Mr Raab to facilitate things for repatriation flights.

2020-03-20 05:48:31 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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