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To: The Home Office

Urgently stop the deportation of Hamed before it's too late

Urgently stop the deportation of Hamed before it's too late

Stop Hamed's deportation to The Netherlands on 7/7/16. Hamed was tricked into having fingerprints taken on his way to the UK from Afghanistan.
On attending his regular sign in session, as he always does faithfully, he was suddenly ambushed and taken into detention. His forced removal is happening without time for a solicitor to prepare his case.

Why is this important?

Hamed has close family and a loving stable environment in the UK. He has been through unbelievable trauma and was settling into a useful existence with a family who were looking after his needs and caring for him as a son.

Hamed's being tricked into having his fingerprints taken means that although he has been settled in the UK for getting on for a year, he can suddenly be deported to Holland and thence to Afghanistan at any moment.


Reasons for signing

  • This young man has been through enough and needs to stay with his loving family that need and want him.
  • Shame on this country to allow this to happen. This young man needs a solicitor immediately to stop his deportation. Let Hamed stay.
  • Everyone has a right to proper not tokenistic legal representation


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