To: DEFRA & European Community Agriculture Ministry

Vaccine Now!

Vaccine Now!

Bovine Tuberculosis is a Europe wide problem. The only possible long term solution is a Vaccine for cattle and a system of testing for the infection, not the anti-bodies. This protects farmers, protects herds, protects bloodlines and ultimately saves hundreds of millions of Pounds/Euros.

Why is this important?

Current attitudes to the problem are outdated, unimaginative and dangerous.
The regulations for the movement of cattle restricts the movement of cattle that test positive for TB antibodies making a vaccine non viable under current rules, as vaccinated cattle would show TB anti-bodies.

Modern medicine would solve the problem tomorrow if it were children and not cattle. Millions are wasted every year compensating farmers whose herds have to be slaughtered and the British government is committed to the culling of a protected species, already proven to be a failure, based on bad science and bad statistics.


Reasons for signing

  • we do not need to slaughter en masse our wonderful badger population - the recent cull has shown, as the government had already been told, it's made no difference. Only bovine vaccination will finally eliminate this disease.
  • It seems to me that it' say no brainer. Just vaccinate. You say it all in the intro. Best of luck.


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