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We need you to remove VAR. Referees get paid to do their jobs as humans and referee the game the same way football players get paid to play the game. If a football player does a mistake such as missing a penalty, you don’t see their coach giving them a modified shoe that makes them ronaldo. Same way better players cost more and get payed more, better refs should get paid more so they are encouraged to make less mistakes.

Why is this important?

This is important because it is ruining the biggest and the best sport in the world. It is ruining it because fans don’t even know when to celebrate. For example, Manchester City vs Tottenham. In the UCL, where tensions are the highest, no one realised that the player was offside which is the referees fault for not realising and the players fault for not calling it. I know it makes the game more fair but it also slows the game down tremendously which is unfair for people who buy the ticket just to go watch referees decide whether that was a penalty or not. Also, it takes away the atmosphere factor in the game as it slows the game down so much. For example, there were more penalties in the 2018 World Cup than any other World Cup, which resulted it in being more boring as it took too much time out of the game looking at VAR. Right now, football is trying to counter that by not listening to every VAR call which is very unfair. For example, Tottenham VS Manchester City, the referee didn’t review the city player being fouled in the box but reviewed the slight handball later on. If You want football to return the way it was sign this petition. If you have PASSION and If you have LOVE for the game then you would sign this petition to remove VAR or make it better.
Thank you for reading through this

Reasons for signing

  • VAR is an unfair system used that have already ruined teams seasons.
  • VAR is flawed and is ruining the game for genuine football fans
  • VAR is ruining football.


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