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To: SUSTRANS ( Charity to make walking and cycling safer in Scotland)

Victoria Park Child & Adult safer pedestrian crossing petition

Victoria Park Child & Adult safer pedestrian crossing petition

We want to record public interest by collecting signatures from the community and afar to support an application for funding to design/ create a safer pedestrian crossing , walking area around/into Victoria Park Aberfeldy to hand over to the charity in a funding application mid February 2020.

Why is this important?

Victoria Park is a hub of the community with families and children using the play park, walkers milling through, with recreational sports and events taking place on the green. The play park is used by locals, and visitors the area, it is a wonderful addition to the town.
Our aim is to apply for funding as part of Aberfeldy Road Safety Sub Group to achieve a safer entrance/area to the park for all ages, which I am sure you agree is much needed vital change.
Success in the competition for funds, will depend in part on demonstrating widespread community support and a Partnership approach, which this petition allows us to achieve.



2020-02-02 12:46:30 +0000

100 signatures reached

2020-01-31 17:22:06 +0000

50 signatures reached

2020-01-31 12:32:35 +0000

25 signatures reached

2020-01-31 11:04:52 +0000

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