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To: Parliament


NHS England sets the priorities and direction of the NHS. Under their stewardship the NHS has underperformed and fragmented. The United Kingdom is rapidly slipping down the rankings of world health care providers.

We want Parliament to pass a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in NHS England (its Chair and Board) in its role of determining the present and future direction of the NHS. The Chair and Board should recognize their own appalling failure and resign in the presence of a vote of no confidence.

Why is this important?

It is clear that the current Board of NHS England does not possess the skills, wisdom or clarity of thought and purpose to continue to run and develop the NHS. Their continued presence threatens the future of our Health and Social Care, and will affect all NHS users at some time. A new point has now been reached with the plan to put 10 Billion of NHS funding into the Private Sector as part an expanded PRIVATISATION DEAL. This is an NHS IMPROVEMENT plan!

How it will be delivered

We will deliver signatures in person to Parliament and stage a press conference to announce the support for the petition and how worried the public is about the present direction of the NHS.


Reasons for signing

  • We're losing the NHS. We've paid and, are still paying for it. The government is selling it and, once sold, we'll still be paying for it, even though it will be privately owned. Once the Welfare State has gone into oblivion, the NIC will become an additional tax. The Damn Tories will not let that slip away!
  • We need to stand together and save our NHS
  • need a strong group of buisness men and accountants who know what is required other than managers who have not had experience


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