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To: The Queen

Vote of no confidence in the house of commons and the house of lords

I want our government to be held to account for their breach of constituents trust. The Prime Minister, those of her cabinet that voted to take no deal off the table both in the House of Commons and House of Lords need to be removed from office from both major parties, Conservative and Labour.

Why is this important?

We had a referendum in 2016 and the people were given the choice: To remain in the EU or To leave the EU, this was made binding legally by a General Election and by triggering Article 50 and HM The Queen signed this into law also. Now our government, who are voted into office by the electorate, are going against a majority vote. They have betrayed the people who employ them and have betrayed HM The Queen, who is Head of State in this country. We need a government who will honour the agreement, not one that gives the choice, signs it into law, then goes against the result.

This is very important, as this country has no faith in our MPs, in any of our politicians, their parties and they have lost faith in Democracy. This Country does not need this type of political parties, who won't listen, they need politicians who listen to the people and deliver on the promises made.

This petition is being run by a member of the public, not 38 Degrees. 38 Degrees is made of millions of people from all across the UK, who have a range of different opinions on Brexit. Together, we're focusing on making sure Brexit prioritises the things we care about - like our NHS, environment, and trade.

To find out more about what 38 Degrees is doing on Brexit click here:

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Reasons for signing

  • This country is a laughing stock , disgraceful, we voted out , get on with it , deal or no deal, then we need to sack every mp and prime minister and new fresh young ones
  • We the public have been lied to repeatedly by you the polititions and we have no trust or confidence in this government !


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