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To: Westmorland and Furness Council

Vote of No Confidence In Westmorland and Furness Council

Stand Down and allow the people of Westmorland and Furness to elect people that will democratically represent them in a fit and proper manner and who actually have an understanding of the word "Democracy".

Why is this important?

Why is this important?
Not unlike other areas of government, democracy has not been aparant in the local area for some time, however, the recent acts of the council with the public purse from the £8.3 million wasted on Voreda House, £3.8 million on credit cards, Pushing up again the council tax by 4.99% and then approving alloownace increases for councillors incoluding substantial increases for Cabinet Members.

This petition is here to demonstrate to the council how we the people they are supposed to represent feel about them and their actions. It is not political but we do desire the current councillors to stand down and allow us to elect people that will democratically represent us.
South Lakeland House, Lowther St, Kendal LA9 4DQ, UK

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