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To: The government, all the political party leaders.

Sack all MPs guilty of sleeping whilst in parliament

Sack all MPs guilty of sleeping whilst in parliament

Sack any MP sleeping on duty.

Why is this important?

They are there to represent the people who voted them in, if they are asleep in Parliament they are not fulfilling their duty or role. This should warrant instant dismissal. There seems to be an absence of monitoring of MP s behaviour after being voted in. I suggest the public expect them to face the same expectations as anybody else in the workforce.

Our MPs represent our views as the people who voted them in, we the people don't want to see them sleeping on the job, it is an insult to us the people. How dare they show such disregard for their position and the things that matter in our life's.

Some of us can't sleep thanks to the decisions those in power have made, if some had been awake or even present perhaps there would of been some genuine representation. !!


Reasons for signing

  • Imagine any other job whereyou can go towork tosleep.?sack them because it would be i stant didmissal in any other job.
  • They’re being paid to do a job, and they claim expenses, at a cost to the public. No way!
  • They are there to carry out the will of the people. Lmao. Stop sniggering in the back row. It was said with the largest possible dose of sarcasm.


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