To: Mr. J. Bean, Head of School, Wallington County Grammar School

WCGS: Remoderate Art & Design GSCE

WCGS: Remoderate Art & Design GSCE

Please request remoderation of Art & Design GCSE

Why is this important?

WCGS boys worked very hard for their Art & Design GSCE and the marks they received were well below the predicted by their teachers.


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Reasons for signing

  • Predictions were incredible and work was hard to flaw for many- yet nobody passed a B.
  • i feel like our whole year was unfairly graded
  • conservative government attempts to deliberately undergrade to give reason to discredit and eventually abolish the arts is criminal and should not be stood for


2017-09-14 21:03:36 +0100

Dear all,
Thank you for signing the petition. It was delivered to Mr Bean today. (However, the school had been informed via the current Art teacher before and nothing happened). Mr Bean promised to look into the matter, but mentioned it was challenging to put up the exhibition on again, as some of the students may have taken the work home.
If we apply some pressure, we may have a chance to get the work remoderated, despite the logistical challenges. Thus, please email Mr Bean by Monday asking him to consider requesting the remoderation or asking for an update on the situation if you have already emailed him.
Thank you

2017-08-31 17:09:04 +0100

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