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To: Rebecca Pow MP

We ask for Rebecca Pow MP to resign.

Resign with immediate effect.

Why is this important?

Rebecca Pow is the MP for Taunton Deane. She has systematically voted against the majority wishes of her constituents time and time again. Now she has spoken to the House officially stating that her constituents have, "thousands more pounds in their pockets!" "They've never had it so good!"

As a resident of Taunton Deane I am appalled by either her blatant lying, or her total lack of knowledge of her constituents. With Somerset being one of the full Universal credit areas I can categorically state, we've NEVER had it so bad! Massive amounts of her constituents are using food banks and some of those people are working! Some of those are our nurse's! We have NEVER seen so many working poor. Homelessness has increased. The majority of people in Taunton Deane are at their wits end. What would be helpful is an MP who recognised the reality and worked hard for their constituents. Unfortunately, Rebecca Pow does not.

Taunton Deane

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