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To: UK Government

We declare Scotland a free and independent state.

We declare Scotland a free and independent state.

Allow us to negotiate the terms of our independence.

Why is this important?

During the 2014 independence referendum campaign, during the last few days, the UK Government effectively changed the terms of the referendum by offering new powers to the people of Scotland if they voted no. This effectively changed the question from a yes/no question, to a yes/more powers question, therefore it is unclear what the result may have been, had the UK Government played fair.

One of the primary arguments in 2014, was that in order to remain a member of the European Union, Scots had to vote no to independence. However since then, the UK Government have held a referendum on EU membership, and despite 62% of people in Scotland voting to remain in the EU, our sovereign nation is being dragged out of the EU anyway.

The people of Scotland deserve better. While a second class state, as a part of the United Kingdom, Scotland's voice is smaller. There are 533 English MPs in Westminster and only 59 Scottish MPs. Scotland's voice is therefore drowned out constitutionally in the UK Parliament.

The Claim of Right 1989, states that the people of Scotland are sovereign, therefore the sovereignty of the people of Scotland is incompatible with the UK system, which has a hereditary head of state, and unelected Lords and Ladies ruling over us, and the majority of the MPs in Westminster were not voted for by the people of Scotland, but by the people of a foreign country.

Scotland's economic capabilities are in a stranglehold whilst a part of the UK. Our economic potential is massive, when you compare other countries in the world with far less natural resources and industry than Scotland, yet their people are suffering from less poverty, and their countries are more fair for the 99%.

It is clear that Scotland would do things differently if we were to be an independent country. For example, all but one Scottish MP voted against the renewal of Trident, the nuclear deterrent, but Scotland's voice was over ruled by the representatives of a foreign country. If this were truly an equal union, then Scotland would have the power to veto our involvement in things that we do not agree with.

How it will be delivered

The Scottish Government would negotiate the terms of Scotland's independence with the UK Government.


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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I believe Scotland's destiny lies away from Westminster tyranny, away from Anglocentric isolationism and away from British exceptionalism. I want to see my country take its place on the world stage on equitable terms with other countries. I want to see us use the wealth we create to improve our quality of life and be on good terms with our neighbours. Time to drop the 'too wee, too poor' nonsense. We can do it - we just need to have faiths in ourselves.
  • I have signed this petition because I believe that on the anniversary of the original declaration signed in 1320 ..we as a nation deserve to be free from what is fast becoming a dictatorship on this island .and parliament have proved this beyond any doubt in the last few years..
  • Scotland was independent before and deserves to be independent again.


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