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To: The Governors of Oxted school



To hold a full debate and a ballot regarding turning Oxted School into first a foundation school then an academy.

Why is this important?

The School belongs to the community and needs to be protected for our children now and in generations to come. We do not want our school to be privatised. The proposal to join the Howard Partnership Trust who are known to redevelop school land must be stopped NOW.

Oxted, Surrey RH8 9DJ

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Reasons for signing

  • Teacher against privatisation of schools.
  • No need for foundation status. I believe they will sell land to finance projects for 'Oxted school pupils' - they say as much in between the lines. Disappointed in their continued deception. The trust claims last years GSCE results as proof of their academic success. Most of the brighter children ended up with 12 to 14 GCSEs which would have brought the schools A*- C average up and anyway, they were the result of Mr Nelson headship and not the trusts. They have not yet proved themselves.
  • We need to know: What plans the Howard Partnership have for the school How will they 'improve the school What was the process by which they were appointed How were the assets of the school assessed. Was there any form of competition. How can it be shown that this represents best value for money for the town and the Education Authority. Why was there no consolation with all interested parties Richard Meakin


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